Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Girl


Lara Harris said...

Hi there! I was just curious if you thought by any chance that your dog could've developed her cancer from Ultra Chuck It balls? We just lost our beloved Taffy after an 8 month battle against a super aggressive bone cancer (Osteosarcoma) which began in her left cheekbone & then continued into the soft tissue of her nasal cavity. Taffy lived with his ball in his mouth & once this all started that was the first thing I thought of as his cancer started in the mouth area. We are of course devastated & I know nothing will bring him back, but if I start to find other dogs who have come down with similar cancers I think I may at the very least try & warn some people.
Very sorry for your loss...the grief right now is almost unbearable.
Kind Regards,
Lara Harris
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Brooke Faircloth said...

She's a beautiful girl. The best ones are always taken far too soon.